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 Latest News:

June 2015: .CAREER has completed the mandatory Sunrise Period, Claims Period, and Controlled Interruption Period.  This means any available name can be registered in .CAREER first come, first serve from a participating registrar.

August 18, 2014: .CAREER begins General Availability and start of 90 day Claims Period.

July 30, 2014: The .CAREER Sunrise Policy has been updated to reflect that applications made during Sunrise for names contained on the ICANN list of "blocked" names (i.e. the APD list) are being accepted (but will not function in the DNS if upon successful registration).

June 16, 2014: End Date Sunrise Begins; Registrars submit Sunrise Registrations in .CAREER

  About .CAREER

.CAREER is a Top Level Domain (TLD) residing in the Verisign new gTLD Platform

Like the familiar .COM, anyone in the world can register any available domain name without restriction from any .CAREER participating registrar.

.CAREER entered into the IANA managed root zone on April 11, 2014