Become a .CAREER Registrar!

Step One - ICANN Accreditation

Before you can proceed with certification with .CAREER, you must first be accredited by ICANN. The process for ICANN accreditation is explained at the ICANN web site. After ICANN accreditation, follow steps 2 & 3 listed below.

Step Two - .CAREER Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)

The .CAREER RRA will need to be completed in order to become a .CAREER authorized registrar.  You may return the completed & signed RRA by email attachment to (subject line: CAREER RRA) or by physical address to:

dotCareer LLC
3029 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
Attn: Ray Fassett

document icon.CAREER Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)

          .CAREER logo (eps file)

Step Three - Join the Verisign New gTLD Platform

The Verisign Platform for new gTLD's is a back-end platform to your front-end interface to consumers.

All registrars must complete a one-time integration with Verisign of its new gTLD Platform.  Upon completion, .CAREER certified registrars immediately can add registration services in .CAREER and present them on their Web site.

Verisign Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT&E) for new gTLD's:

To sign up for OT&E testing of .CAREER, you must confirm to Verisign execution of the .CAREER Registry-Registrar Agreement (Step Two above).  

Verisign Customer Affairs will then provide the registrar with its SRS Evaluation Agreement. Please contact Verisign Customer Affairs Office directly at to request the SRS Evaluation Agreement.

Within the OT&E, registrars may elect to test against one or all of the following:

1. “Sunrise-Test”
This gTLD is pre-provisioned to allow registrars to execute EPP commands within the Sunrise period. In order to participate, registrars must have successfully completed integration testing with ICANN's Trademark Clearinghouse provider and have sample Signed Mark Data (SMD) files in its possession to support submitting a Sunrise domain create command.

2. “Claims-Test”
This gTLD is pre-provisioned to allow registrars to execute EPP commands in the subsequent Claims Notice period. Using this gTLD, registrars may test the claims check command to receive the CNIS lookup key for a positive trademark claims match against a domain name label, delivery of claims notification to registrants, and subsequent delivery of claims notice acceptance information from a registrant back to the registry in the domain create command.

3. “Open-Test”
This gTLD simulates the business logic after it has passed the Claims Notice period. In this scenario, registrars may perform regression testing against the new code base that supports new gTLDs to confirm successful system integration.

Note: Participating registrars use the same financial account already established with Verisign (such as for .COM) to process .CAREER registrations.

To prepare for the above testing, registrars are encouraged to review the Verisign EPP SDK bundle available at  Specifically, the SDK implements all of the EPP RFC’s and extensions needed in each launch phase of a gTLD. In addition, the SDK includes a customizable test server that can be used to locally test launch phase commands.

Verisign Global Registry Services (VGRS) is the Internet's leading provider of registry services and Domain Name System (DNS) support. As the exclusive provider of registry services for the .com and .net top-level domains, VGRS supports hundreds of domain name registrars and maintains the infrastructure that responds to billions of domain name look-ups daily. To learn more, see Verisign, Inc. New gTLD Services.